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"Sutton Siding" is Springfield's First Choice for a Siding Contractor

High-Quality, Low-Maintenance Siding Installed by Experts


Sutton’s offers many different types of vinyl siding in the best vinyl siding colors and textures on the market. Instead of cheap vinyl siding that looks like warped plastic after its been through a year or two of Illinois weather patterns, Sutton’s installs premium vinyl siding products guaranteed to last.

When considering the pros and cons of vinyl siding, you will quickly understand the overall value when you choose to go with a vinyl siding product from Sutton’s. Less Maintenance, unmatched beauty and detail, and improved weather resistance to protect your home are a few of the advantages.

Sutton’s, known as “Sutton Siding” to locals, has been installing Siding on homes in central Illinois since 1946. So in addition to getting the best products available, you will receive the best installation available, period.

More colors, more styles, more options. When you change the look of your home’s exterior, you change the whole neighborhood.

Siding For Your Home in Hundreds of Style & Color Combinations


CALL: 217-528-3911

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