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Older homes need replacement windows at some point. Old windows get cloudy, or they won't operate, or worse they leak air and cost you money in energy bills.

Your home is a significant investment and new windows will enhance the value while providing an additional layer of comfort and savings.

Sutton's has been installing windows in Springfield area homes since the 1970s.

Our factory certified installers know all of the tricks to make a window fit tight and not leak air. ENERGY STAR rated products are only as good as the installation. Professionals understand the difference.

Many times people respond to an advertisement for a low priced window only to be left with disappointment after they realize they got exactly what they paid for. We have removed windows like this in the past.

Sutton's offers you a choice between Restorations Windows and Provia Windows. If you are looking for top performance in a customizable window, Restorations Windows may be your preference. If you are looking for a window that offers wood on the inside, then Provia might be more to your liking.

Today's windows offer multiple styles, color choices, glass options, and hardware choices.

You get to design the windows for your home on an iPad with one of our estimators while sitting at your kitchen table.


Homeowner feedback helped design the Restorations Replacement Window that Sutton's installs. Homeowners said:

- They want extremely energy efficient windows to help save money on heating and cooling their homes.

- They want windows that enhance the curb appeal so the value of their home increases.

- They want windows strong and durable enough to last a lifetime.

- They want windows requiring virtually no maintenance and upkeep.

Restorations Windows from Sutton's checks each of those boxes.

The Restorations Window features a unique narrow-line window design that emulates the look of traditional windows. To make this narrow line window strong, energy efficient, and maintenance free, Restorations married PVC with Fiberglass and created a material called FiberCore – an all-new way of making a window. The internal core of the extrusion is made of a pultruded core of fiberglass, because it’s stronger than PVC, metal or wood, and is extremely thermally efficient.

The question often is, if fiberglass is so good, why not make the entire window out of it? The answer is simple. Fiberglass is not a maintenance-free material; it needs to be stained or painted. To make a window out of fiberglass would mean they would have to mechanically fasten the corners together, instead of fusion welding them so they would not leak over time.

Some other highlights of the Restorations Window series is:

- 27% more viewing area - since most of us like to look through a window instead of at one.

- Optional full-frame replacement installation.

- Madera premium interior trim (wood) package completely transform your new windows to give them a beautifully finished look.

- No fine print lifetime warranty.

Mundhenke Window After 2

Why Vinyl Windows?

Some customers are reluctant to purchase vinyl windows because of the way they envision the windows to look in their mind. It is true that some double hung vinyl windows look out of place after the window installation. That's because in some instances the replacement vinyl windows are bulky and have a blue-white tint. They look cheap and plastic.

The myth associated with wood windows is that wood windows offer better strength and durability while being more energy efficient. Today, as a result of independent testing, we have access to facts. We know more now than we ever have about some of the key performance indicators associated with Restorations windows.

Investing in new windows should be done after you have all the information you need to make an educated decision. Essential considerations like viewing area, interior finish, exterior finish, glass options, and performance are all factors.

Restorations Replacement Windows

  • Designed to emulate the look of a traditional wood window
  • Minimal maintenance and easy operation with a tilt-in feature, contoured lift-rails and pre-tensioned, dual pulley Block & Tackle balance system
  • Advanced, triple weather-stripping seals for top efficiency performance
  • Our signature double contoured narrow line window design adds striking curb appeal to your home and provides for maximum glass viewing area
  • Full polyurethane window frame insulation provides added comfort and the ultimate in energy efficiency
  • Coved interior glazing bead for added elegance
  • Added security with recessed pick resistant locks
  • Proprietary Q4 Lock System encapsulates tilt latches within the locking mechanism
  • Extruded aluminum screen frame with heavy-duty aluminum corner reinforcements for years of worry-free performance
  • Fiberglass inserts in sash rails add strength, security, and thermal efficiency
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